Spider Universal Caps


Pack of 10

These Universal Caps assist security installation technicians into implementing superior door magnet installations, on virtually any style of door*.

There is nothing else like this on the market!

When coupled with a Spider Magnet Capsule** and matched with virtually any type of door contact sensor, the performance of any security system will be more vastly improved by this product.

How so?  When a Magnet Capsule is threaded into a Universal Cap, an “industry-first” vertical adjustment capability is created. This element counters against ‘door sagging’ (which is inevitable), and helps keep magnets within ideal distances… helping to prevent false alarms!

Competitors’ door magnets do not accommodate all door styles.
No need to “rig up” magnets on door tops. (i.e. lay them sideways)
Negates the need for squeeze magnets.
Solid (affixed) design creates an added layer of security.
Helps to eliminate false alarms by staying within tolerances!

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Our Spider Universal Caps simplify installations for technicians, accommodating every type of door!*

Interior or Exterior door? Wood, Aluminum, or Steel Finish? Solid or Channeled top?


  • White Finish.
  • Flame-Resistant ABS Plastic.
  • Can be installed in a variety of ways, included inverted!
  • Compatible with both magnetic reed switch door contacts, and Spider Door Contact technologies.
  • The Magnet Capsule** threads into these Universal Caps, providing an “industry-first” vertical adjustment. This ground-breaking element can counter ‘door sagging’ and will help to prevent false alarms!

* Any type of door excluding all-glass doors
** Magnet Capsules are sold separately.
*** This quality product is made in China.
**** Patents Pending

[This order contains a 10 Pack of Universal Caps]

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