Spider Magnet Capsules


Pack of 10

Don’t waste time! On almost every door magnet installation, bare magnets must be broken out from their housings. Installers: Put your Vise-Grips away as you’ll never have to waste time doing this again.

Our 3/8″ Magnet Capsules are ready to install ASAP!!

And with the Magnet Capsule’s tapered / oversized head, installers can’t overdrill holes too deep now... They will insert and situate perfectly.

It Gets Better: Typical door magnets are highly limited in application versatility. Perimeter doorways are difficult, where installers often have to “rig something up”. Used in conjunction with Spider Universal Caps*, a technician can install Spider Magnets onto ANY Interior/Exterior Door EASILY!

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~A Unique Twist~ Coupling a Magnet Capsule with a Universal Cap unlocks a groundbreaking vertical adjustment feature. Raise or lower the magnet with a quick turn of a screwdriver!

This element is key in countering against ‘door sagging’ and in maintaining ideal gap distances… helping to eliminate false alarms!


  • 3/8″ threaded capsule with N42 Magnet.
  • White Color Finish.
  • Flame-Resistant ABS Plastic.
  • Compatible with most door contacts.
  • When coupled with the Universal Cap*, you can increase/decrease the gapping distance between magnet and contact.
  • The Spider Magnet Capsule accepts a #1 sized slotted screwdriver.

[This order is for a 10 Pack of Spider Magnet Capsules]
* Universal Caps sold separately.
** This quality product is made in China.
*** Patents Pending.

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