Spider Drill Shield


Question: What’s the worst part about drilling holes into metal door frames for door contact sensors?

Most Common Answer: Everything!

How so? Because even when an installer is fully equipped with the required safety gear, this drilling task is always painful and ever dangerous.

It’s a ‘necessary evil’ for technicians: Drilling into a metal door frame in an awkward, upward direction— While 100’s of scorching-hot metal shavings fly directly back towards their eyes, face & arms.

We’ve solved this problem once and for all.
Our Drill Shield is the ULTIMATE TOOL for this!


(#1) The shank must be no larger than .375″ in diameter. (#2) The shank must be at least .750″ total length, in order to pass through the ball bearing core with enough left over to be properly grasped by your drill chuck. 

These Step Bits from Amazon are ideal for pairing:

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This is the best way to drill metal frames.
Especially when paired with Spider Step Bits!*

  • Rugged high-speed bearing carefully guides 3/8″ drill shanks.**
  • Flexible cup conforms throughout the drilling, capturing most debris.
  • Inside lip lining helps trap most of the exhumed contents within cup.
  • Specialized silicone rubber and ABS core helps dissipate heat quickly.
  • Clear see-through design permits the installer to stay “on target”.
  • Cup Dimensions: 3.75″ Diameter x 2.25″ Height.

Alleviates these major problems:

  • Helps Avoid Worker Injuries!*** Stops most sharp metal shavings in their tracks – from flying towards the installer’s face, eyes, neck, arms and clothing.
  • Avoid Fire Hazards: Newly drilled metal shrapnel can be DANGEROUSLY HOT. Minimize the potential for fires & burns!
  • Know right away if your bit ‘walks’. Keep a close eye safely!
  • Easy Cleanup: Cleanup time is dwindled down to almost nil. Just find the nearest garbage bin & tip the Drill Shield over!


Protect the safety of your installers NOW!

* SPIDER STEP BITS are sold separately.
** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using non-Spider Step Bits, make sure its shank is no more than .375″ in diameter and at least .750″ in length. Otherwise it may not work. (The bit may not fit through the bearing, or the drill-chuck may not grab enough shank.)
*** SAFETY NOTICE: Installers should STILL take all safety precautions and wear all proper safety apparatus when using our Drill Shield. This tool does not negate the need for them.
**** This quality product is made in China.

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