Spider Door Contact


White Finish
2-Wire “Form B” Output: Common+Normally Closed


Nearly all Security Door Contact Sensors utilize reed switches. Invented back in 1936 by Bell Laboratories for telephones… Overwhelmingly adopted by the security alarm industry ever since.

Problem is— they can be bypassed in seconds.

In any security discipline: A security layer this insubstantial is unacceptable! So after 2 years of meticulous engineering, and in persevering through over 160+ iterations, we’ve successfully created a new revolutionary design!

Security Built Right. Unlike with reed switches, our Spider Door Contact CANNOT BE SHUNTED with a bypass magnet.*

What’s In Our Tech? Our design consists of ‘Dual-Repelling’ Magnets: (1) in the sensor on the door frame & (1) on the door’s topside. When the door is closed, the 2 magnets will align & synchronize… resting at a floating balance. When a door is opened this balance will be toppled, triggering an alarm.

Key Anti-Tampering Feature: With the door closed, irregular magnetism sensed will also induce imbalance & would also create an instant alarm.**

A Unique Twist~ Our innovative door magnet design introduces a vertical adjustment feature that also helps to prevent false alarms! Raise or lower door magnets back to ideal gappings with the simple turn of a screwdriver!

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Designed to Protect Everyone:

  • Small Businesses
  • Banking & Finance
  • Military Installations
  • Homes & Residences
  • Government Buildings
  • Technology Companies
  • Healthcare & Hospital Clinics
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Server Rooms, Colocation, Data Centers
  • Any facility to secure most appropriately


  • Universal Cap & Magnet Pairing simplifies magnet installations
  • Easy Color Code Wiring Scheme that is familiar to all installers
  • Vertical Adjustment Feature reduces false alarms for owners
  • Made of the Highest Quality flame-resistant ABS Plastic
  • Compact Design requires less drilling and saves time
  • Quickly Upgrade from older, outdated door sensors
  • Not Vulnerable to external bypassing magnets
    (CLICK HERE to read a Comprehensive Analysis)
  • Instant Alarm if a bypassing magnet is sensed
  • Exponentially Better than any other door sensor!

CLICK HERE to view important information in our FAQ Page, (Section C)

Set Includes: (1) Spider Contact, (1) Universal Cap, (1) Magnet Capsule

* 1) When the included Spider Door Magnet is utilized; 2) When factory installation instructions are followed.
** Irregular magnetism: Foreign magnetism sensed & originating from any other direction other than the position of the door magnet itself.
*** This quality product is made in China.
Patents Pending.

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