Spider Resistor Packs


Pack of 10

We build the industry’s #1 Resistor Packs & offer Lifetime Warranty!

This product is compatible with most major access control systems that require 5,000/10,000 ohm “End of Line” resistor monitoring configurations.

(This includes, but is not limited to: Andover Controls, Software House, and much more)*

Save time and money NOW by using our Spider Resistor Packs!

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Key Attributes: 

  • Just The Right Length – Perfect length of 9” long. Too much slack is a hindrance in a cramped hole cavity.
  • Easy Color Scheme – Competing products have Black + Dark Blue Leads. These colors are nearly identical and are commonly miswired (many installation location areas are poorly lit). Our Black & White Leads are impossible to mistake.
  • In-line Design – (2) Black Leads one direction, and (2) White Leads in the opposite direction. A sleeker “in-line” design that makes it easier to pull out and access later on!
  • Twisted Pair – Most manufacturers require unshielded twisted pair wires, and our pre-twisted design meets this requirement.
  • Encapsulation – Our Patent Pending design encapsulates the resistor components safely inside.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Have a bad pack? Just mail us back the bad ones for immediate replacement!

* SSP is not endorsed by nor is affiliated to these companies/brands listed.
** This quality product is made in the Philippines.

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