Spider Resistor Packs


Pack of 10

We build the industry’s #1 Resistor Packs & offer Lifetime Warranty!

This product is compatible with OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) encrypted readers that need a 120 ohm resistor to work optimally.

Warning: DO NOT use regular resistors for this – Their legs break off too easily.

Our resistors are connected to 22AWG RoHS-compliant stranded conductor copper wires to ensure supreme wiring connections.

[Encryption can always be broken! For best practice: We recommend you pair your OSDP-readers with Spider Blockers  to prevent access to live data signals altogether. Protect against all current & future MitM reader hacking threats]

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Key Attributes: 

  • What’s inside? –  A single 120 Ohm Resistor (rated at 1/4W with +/- 2% tolerance), soldered onto (2) 22AWG stranded conductor wires.
  • Perfect 4″ Length Leads – Minimizes installation time.
  • Easy Color Scheme – Simple White/Green Leads avoid wiring errors.
  • Parallel-wire Design – Makes it easier to wrap with tape.
  • Twisted Wires – Maintains OSDP’s cabling requirements.
  • Encapsulated – Protects the resistor components safely inside.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Have a bad pack? Just mail us back the bad ones for immediate replacement!

* SSP is not endorsed by nor is affiliated to these companies/brands listed.
** This quality product is made in the Philippines.

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