Spider Clipboard


The top professionals in any occupation TAKE PLENTY OF NOTES!

Sleek, flexible, and durable… The Spider Clipboard fits effortlessly into tool bags, backpacks, and briefcases — without adding unnecessary bulk.

Whether out on a survey, in a meeting with clients, or for field-work: This will ALWAYS come in handy!

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This Spider Clipboard benefits all professionals!

Included is a 50 sheet Legal Pad that allows for quick & easy note-taking. An inside pocket helps store any additional sheets.

BONUS: We’ve included a (Sharpie-Style) black Spider Marker for FREE!

  • Installers & Project Foremen: Carry your Scope of Work, Manuals, and take notes swiftly. Use the marker for cables.
  • Field Service Technicians: Store your blank Service Tickets and other important documents more efficiently.
  • Engineers, Project Managers and Sales Reps: Safeguard your Security Proposals and Bill of Materials docs, and take meeting notes on the fly!

Includes (1) Spider Clipboard, (1) Paper Pad, and (1) Black Spider Marker.

* Caution: Do not overfill/overload the clipboard with too many contents, or the binding seams may become damaged.
** This quality product is made in China.

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