Reader Tamper Switches


Pack of 8

Eight Tamper Switch Contacts for protecting Access Devices

“Form B” Common & Normally Closed Output
16” Leads
22AWG Wires
Includes Screw Extension
“Flange Style” Installation
3/16” Plunger Throw Action
Min. Compressed = .10”, Ext. = .625”
Maximum: 100 Volts / 10 Watts / .5 Amps
Minimum 3/8” Mounting Hole cavity needed

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Even security systems themselves can need added layers of protection. Safeguard your access control readers that sit vulnerable outside secured facilities!

Our Tamper Switches are ideal for monitoring readers that either don’t have built-in tamper outputs, or those with inadequate switches.

  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Biometric Scanners
  • Retinal Scanners
  • Enclosures, Controllers, Junction Boxes

A Common Question: “My devices might already have tamper switches. Why would I still need Spider Tamper Switches?”

3 Reasons-

#1  Most readers actually do not have factory-equipped tamper switches at all. Or if they do, the majority of them don’t work optimally.

#2  Most integrated tamper switches use Optical Tamper Switches or Magnetic Reed Switches. Both are vulnerable technologies:

-If power is lost at the reader, an Optical Switch will cease functioning.
-Reed Switches can be quickly tricked by stronger magnets.

#3  Spider Tamper Alarm Switches utilize “Normally Closed” signals. When paired in conjunction with a Spider Blocker this signal establishes “End-to-End” wiring supervision, monitoring cabling pathways against cable cutting & tampering.

Deployed properly behind an access device, our Spider Tamper Switches are difficult to bypass. And when coupled with the Spider Blocker*, the pairing will be the differentiator between whether your reader will be easily HACKABLE, versus HACKING-RESISTANT!**

* Spider Blockers sold separately.
** When Spider Tamper Switches are appropriately placed & coupled with our Spider Blockers; Resists against currently known MitM Hacking Modules that deploy onto physical wiring connections behind edge-based access devices; And when cable pathways are amply secured & protected.
*** This quality product is made in China.

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