Question D.01 : What types of drill bits can be used with the Spider Drill Shield?

The Spider Drill Shield (Part # SSP-ACC-DRILLSHIELD-038) is designed to accommodate 3/8″ shanked drill bits.

Drill bit shanks must clear at least .75″ past the core bearing assembly.

Question D.02 : I am using a step bit with a 3/8" shank. How come it doesn't fit?

Unfortunately there are slight diameter size variables & tolerances, in what a manufacturer might build as a “3/8 inch” shank.

(Some of them are much larger than .375″).

Because of this, we cannot guarantee that every 3/8″ shank will be compatible with the Spider Drill Shield.

What we can guarantee, is that our Spider Step Bits will always fit into Spider Drill Shields.

Question D.03 : Can I use a hole-saw arbor (with a 3/8" shank) with the Spider Drill Shield?

It is likely to be incompatible, as holesaws typically require more cup depth.