Question A.01 : Is ordering from SSP's online website secure?

Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order on our website.

In addition, we do not store any of your critical credit card information, as we use trusted payment companies PayPal and to handle all of our credit card transactions.

If you have further questions about the security of ordering online from SSP, please feel free to e-mail us at

Question A.02 : How do I create a 'New Account' on the SSP Website?

To help deter against fake/fraudulent accounts, we’ve implemented two ways of creating a new account.

Method #1: Submit an Authorized Reseller Application. You’ll be vetted and will have an opportunity to choose your Login Info.

Method #2: Make an actual purchase.

-Add product contents into your Cart.
-Proceed to Checkout.
-Under Billing Details, check the box next to Create an Account.
-Continue on with the purchase.
-Input your Username and Password when prompted.
-This login should allow you access to My Account upon your return visit to our website.

Question A.03 : How will I know that you have received my order?

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation within minutes of order placement.

Once your items have shipped, we will send you another email containing shipping information.

Question A.04 : Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in the world.

For the Lower 48 US States: You can purchase directly on this website, or we can take your order directly @

For Hawaii, Alaska, and for other countries please contact us @, for a custom quote that will include appropriate international freight/shipping fees.

Question A.05 : What are your shipping and handling fees/rates?

For orders in the Lower 48 US States: We offer FREE Shipping/Handling on product orders of over $50.00 USD. (For under $50.00, a flat charge of $9.99 will apply).

For orders outside of the lower 48 US States, or if you have expedited shipping needs: Please contact us for a custom quotation.

Question A.06 : Which shipping couriers do you use?

For smaller orders we may use USPS First Class / Media Mail.

For medium to larger orders, we either use USPS Priority shipping or FedEx/UPS Ground.

If you have expedited shipping needs, we can accommodate if you send us your UPS Account Information..

For Hawaii, Alaska, or International customers: We use DHL or UPS.

Question A.07 : Can you use our shipping account to send our orders?

Yes we can. Just send us all pertinent courier info, including a written authorization to use your account for sending your orders.

Question A.08 : How long after placing my order should I expect to receive my shipment?

Depending on your destination: All orders shipped to the Lower 48 U.S. States shall typically arrive in between 3 to 6 business days.

Please note that we are shipping from Hayward, CA, USA (Zip Code 94545).

Question A.09 : What if I need to return my product?

For any issues, please contact us at Type your SSP Order # in the Subject Field, along with a detailed description of your troubles in the email body.

Do not return any product without receiving a proper Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # from us beforehand. It will be sent back to you, as-is. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

Question A.10 : What are your payment options?

We accept credit card payments directly on our website via PayPal and, leading online payment providers offering the most secure forms of payment encryptions.

For Authorized Resellers, we can accept direct Purchase Orders. Our payment terms are NET 15 (non-negotiable).

Question A.11 : Is there a purchasing limit to credit card purchases?

Yes. For security reasons, direct Credit Card transactions submitted using are limited to $4,999.99 USD.

For online purchases $5,000.00 or higher, feel free to use’s ACH/Debit option.

Question A.12 : Who can become an Authorized Reseller, and how can we apply?

Our Authorized Resellers are composed of Security Integrators/Installers, Consultants, Red Teams, and Distributors.

Download the Reseller Application here.

All applicants must clear credit & background checks, and are subject to full review.

If your entity holds a valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate: Provide us a copy of the certificate and your account will be configured as Tax Exempt.

We reserve the right to reject/deny any application for any reason.

Question A.13 : For Authorized Resellers, what are the payment terms?

The Payment Terms are  NET 15 (non-negotiable).

This means that 100% payment is due within 15 calendar days of each SSP invoice submission

Question A.14 : What is the buying discount for Authorized Resellers?

Authorized Resellers are able to buy our products at 25% off of MSRP.

Question A.15 : Is there a purchasing quota for Authorized Resellers?

Yes. Authorized Resellers must procure a stated value of our products annually. Whether directly from SSP, or through our authorize distributors.

Please reach out to us for more details.

Question A.16 : How and why should we become a Certified Reseller?

Authorized Resellers (that currently employ at least 1 Full-Time security systems designer/engineer), whom has successfully passed from a list of pre-qualified training programs, are automatically eligible to become Certified Resellers. (This designer shall be termed as the “QI”, or “Qualifying Individual).

An example of an approved program is offered by Dynamic Certified [Course 4.01] Access Control Training Class Penetration Attack Tools & Advanced Countermeasures. 

Another program is:

The significance of these programs, are that they establish & elevate the Reseller’s overall aptitude & proficiency, in that:

A) They have gained proven knowledge into identifying, understanding, and in mitigating modern security risks & threats.
B) They will bear the know-how to properly apply advanced, counter-measuring security products.

*The duration of the Certified Resellership status may depend on the length of validity of the training program’s certificate. Should said training program issue certificates bearing date-based durations and/or expiration dates, it will be expected that the QI renews/re-trains to keep their represented company’s Certified Resellership status in good standing.

Question A.17 : What are the advantages to becoming a Certified Reseller?

-Certified Resellers are ‘up to speed’ in the newest threats & vulnerabilities pertaining to Physical Security Systems. This positions them to be much more valuable to their customers, as compared to their competition who are likely to be ‘in the dark’ about such threats & vulnerabilities.
-Certified Resellers are privy to an added buying discount percentage, in addition to the standard Authorized Reseller discount.
-Certified Resellers receive priority technical support from SSP.
-Certified Resellers receive the latest information and critical updates first.
-Certified Resellers are added to a client-accessible list, containing SSP’s Authorized & Certified providers. It is more desirable for potential clients to select Certified Resellers as their service providers, for their added expertise.

Question A.18 : What's the significance in obtaining additional security training?

It assures that your firm:

A) Has been apprised of the most current hacking threats & vulnerabilities impacting Physical Access Control Systems.

B) Has the proficiency to apply the best practices and advanced countermeasure tactics as necessary into your designs, to offset the latest threats. (This includes proper implementation of SSP’s solutions, amongst other advanced security brands in addition.)

Question A.19 : Is there a higher level of buying quota for Certified Resellers?

No. The quota for our Certified Resellers is the same quota as Authorized Resellers.

Question A.20 : What is the difference between becoming an Authorized Reseller and a Certified Reseller?

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Question A.21 : Do sale prices on Spider's Website apply towards Authorized & Certified Resellers?

Yes. Authorized and Certified Resellers  are still privy to sale-priced/discounted items.

However, items that are on sale on our website are only applicable to purchases that are made directly from our website. To do this just enter your assigned Reseller Coupon Code at Checkout, and you can take advantage of the added cost savings.

Please do not send us Company Purchase Orders with prices that you may see on our website.

Coupons may not be apply towards sale-priced items.

Question A.22 : What happens if we lose our Qualifying Individual?

If you have attained Certified Reseller status, but no longer have a Qualifying Individual ‘in-house’, you will have up to 12 months to replace them with another QI.

*SSP reserves the right to check upon current QI status, at any time, and reserves the right to negate Certified Reseller status accordingly, and with or without cause or warning.

Question A.23 : I'm an End User. Is there a difference between hiring a Certified Reseller, as opposed to 'non' certified?

Yes. Certified Resellers bear advanced knowledge of current vulnerabilities impacting Physical Access Control Systems. They are aware of very specific threats, and hence are better positioned to design and install more effective security plans. We highly recommend hiring them.

Non-certified service providers are still able to furnish and install our products. However, they are likely to be without the vital knowledge and unaware to modern threats. If such was the case – A customer may not receive full protection value for their investment.

Question A.24 : I'm a customer. Can you provide me with a list of Authorized & Certified Resellers?

Yes. If you are an End User, please find this list on our Resources Page.

You can also contact us at for a current list. Send us your Company information, along with your City & State. We’ll send you a preferred list of local service providers.

Question A.25 : What if I have received a defective product?

Should you have any issues with any of our products, please ensure that you have followed all recommended procedures, have visited our FAQ Section, and have communicated with our Support Team.

Contact us at Don’t forget to add your Order # in the Subject Field along with a detailed description of your troubles. Do not return the product without a proper RMA #. It will be returned to you, as-is.

Question A.26 : Who can I contact in case I need Technical Support for an SSP product?

The best method is to contact us via email @ Don’t forget to add your Order # in the Subject Field along with a brief description of your troubles.

You can also leave us a voicemail message at (800) 501-2133. We’ll try and call you back as soon as possible. Please ensure you state:

-Your Full Name & Callback #
-Your Company represented
-If your company is a Certified Reseller
-Your SSP Order #
-A brief explanation of your issue(s)

We’ll do our best to respond back to you as quickly as possible.

Question A.27 : There seem to be a lot of products labeled "Coming Soon". Why is this?

Please bear with us, as Spider Security Products is a is privately owned corporation & self-funded startup business.

We have TONS of fresh ideas and innovations in the works, and we highly appreciate your patience & support!

Question A.28 : Where are your products manufactured?

SSP has built (and continues to build) an extensive network of top-quality Domestic (USA) & International manufacturing vendors. Each partner must consistently meet our stringent product specifications, and with each and every single order.

We have established relationships with a diverse group of agents and factories throughout the world including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, UK, India, China, Taiwan, and Japan. As a result of our combined purchasing from proven vendors and freight consolidations, we are able to provide top value for our clients.

Here are a few of sourcing examples:

-Spider Step Bits: Made in the USA
-Spider Blockers: Made in the USA
-Spider Tamper Switches: Made in China

Question A.29 : What is your fulfillment policy for back-ordered (pre-order) products?

Should Spider Security Products offer back-ordered (or pre-ordered) purchases to be made on our retail website, and for any item(s): We reserve the right to fulfill & send the order within 90 days from initial deposit/full purchase payment.

Should we fail to fulfill & ship your order within this time-frame, we can provide a refund (upon request).

Question A.30 : I am unable to add a product into my cart. Why is this?

If you are unable to add an item into your online shopping cart, it is likely because it is out of stock.

Our apologies (in advance) for any potential stock shortages, please do check with us again soon.

If you would like to be notified of product restocking or availability, please feel free to join our newsletter or send us an email.

Question A.31 : Why am I only able to buy 1 of a certain product?

When stock is limited, we may opt to limit purchases to 1 unit per customer, – to ensure that our products are made available to  additional clients.

Question A.32 : Our company has multiple branches, will applying for one overall Authorized Resellerhip apply to all of our branches?

For security companies with multiple branch locations; and if each branch operates under their own tax resale exemption certificate; and if each branch has their own dedicated purchasing agent that will buy from SSP: Each branch shall be required to apply for Authorized Resellership, applicable to that branch only.

Question A.33 : Our company has multiple branches, will achieving Certified Resellerhip apply to all of our branches?

For security companies with multiple branch locations; and if each branch employs their own engineers/designers for the security systems that that branch installs : Each branch shall be required to employ one Qualifying Individual (QI) that has successfully passed a pre-qualified training program.